Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hearts in Ice

My heart is in ice right now.It may be a movie name but its true. Sidra is getting meaner! I was mean once but I regret it. Taylor didn't talk about you Sidra! Are you SERIOUSLY gonna become Cameron #2? I know this Mackenzie Loren on Twinsies's blog but she apologised! Also theres something: Malaysian's follow British English so I pronounce "Orange" and "Oh-range". Come on Sid,Tay!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Animate Help?

I decided to quit the SGS thing.Whatever.If you know someone that know to make movies,ask him/her.Or you know someone who know someone who know someone who know someone who can animate.Its called "Light of The Stars"and I'll tell that person the storyline.Thanks!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Silence Glaive Surprise

Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo!!!!!Rebecca's back mah Saturners!So I made the movie name official:Silence Glaive Surprise.And I decided I'll call my animating company Crystal Tokyo Animations.And I want to ask if these two logos look good,but I can't,Picasa won't let me............
When I finish my homework I'll start "animating" Silence Glaive Surprise ;)

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Animation Success!

Animating things for ChibiTaru was a success!I should change the name to:Super Sailor Chibi Saturn.Its hard to animate all these stuff with Paint then make a movie with Windows Movie Maker ya know?I bet you just said:"shirimasen",which means I don't know.Hotaru just said hi!
Not to mention its my 40th post!


I like a Sailor Moon Comics/Doujinshi website called MoonSticks,but its taking a break and now I'm MoonStuck!LOL!
Moonie SaturnSay 1:
Saturn:Silence Glaive Surprise!
Me:Its my blog name!
Saturn:Its my attack name too!
Me:Should't you be dead already?
Saturn:I reborned myself!
Me:Yeah.I suicide reborn me Saturn.
Saturn:Why would you do that?
Me:Jodan desu yo!(Just kidding)
Audience:WAKARIMASEN!!(I don't understand!)
Me:SHIRIMASEN!(I don't know!)
Saturn:JODAN DESU YO!!(Just kidding)
Don't like,don't read :)

Animating ChibiTaru Movie 1

I really like Hotaru now!I've drawn 2 pics of Hotaru and 1 pic of Chibiusa on the computer,I'm planning to make a trailer and a movie called ChibiTaru.Or called,"Silence Glaive Best Friends".I'm planning it.Hota and Chibi is hard ya know?
Chibiusa anf Hotaru are easiest in my mind.......

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Symphony News

*Theme Song Plays* 
Reika Nishimura:R Discoveries has recently discovered that To Do/Bucket lists are the worlds most easy way to memorize things that is easy to forget.
Motoki Furuhata:Many people forget what to do when its the weekend!
Unazuki Furuhata:So true!But forgetting can be stopped with To do lists!
Mamoru Chiba:Usagi Tsukino often forget about her homework when its the weekend,like you said,Motoki!But recently,after Reika and Unazuki had told her to make To Do lists,she won't forget!
Rei Hino::P!!
Usagi Tsukino::P!!
Rei and Usagi::P!!!!!!!
Reika Nishimura:In order to stop these 2,lets end this.
*Ending song Plays*