Thursday, 12 June 2014

Hearts in Ice

My heart is in ice right now.It may be a movie name but its true. Sidra is getting meaner! I was mean once but I regret it. Taylor didn't talk about you Sidra! Are you SERIOUSLY gonna become Cameron #2? I know this Mackenzie Loren on Twinsies's blog but she apologised! Also theres something: Malaysian's follow British English so I pronounce "Orange" and "Oh-range". Come on Sid,Tay!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Animate Help?

I decided to quit the SGS thing.Whatever.If you know someone that know to make movies,ask him/her.Or you know someone who know someone who know someone who know someone who can animate.Its called "Light of The Stars"and I'll tell that person the storyline.Thanks!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Silence Glaive Surprise

Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo!!!!!Rebecca's back mah Saturners!So I made the movie name official:Silence Glaive Surprise.And I decided I'll call my animating company Crystal Tokyo Animations.And I want to ask if these two logos look good,but I can't,Picasa won't let me............
When I finish my homework I'll start "animating" Silence Glaive Surprise ;)

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Animation Success!

Animating things for ChibiTaru was a success!I should change the name to:Super Sailor Chibi Saturn.Its hard to animate all these stuff with Paint then make a movie with Windows Movie Maker ya know?I bet you just said:"shirimasen",which means I don't know.Hotaru just said hi!
Not to mention its my 40th post!


I like a Sailor Moon Comics/Doujinshi website called MoonSticks,but its taking a break and now I'm MoonStuck!LOL!
Moonie SaturnSay 1:
Saturn:Silence Glaive Surprise!
Me:Its my blog name!
Saturn:Its my attack name too!
Me:Should't you be dead already?
Saturn:I reborned myself!
Me:Yeah.I suicide reborn me Saturn.
Saturn:Why would you do that?
Me:Jodan desu yo!(Just kidding)
Audience:WAKARIMASEN!!(I don't understand!)
Me:SHIRIMASEN!(I don't know!)
Saturn:JODAN DESU YO!!(Just kidding)
Don't like,don't read :)

Animating ChibiTaru Movie 1

I really like Hotaru now!I've drawn 2 pics of Hotaru and 1 pic of Chibiusa on the computer,I'm planning to make a trailer and a movie called ChibiTaru.Or called,"Silence Glaive Best Friends".I'm planning it.Hota and Chibi is hard ya know?
Chibiusa anf Hotaru are easiest in my mind.......

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Symphony News

*Theme Song Plays* 
Reika Nishimura:R Discoveries has recently discovered that To Do/Bucket lists are the worlds most easy way to memorize things that is easy to forget.
Motoki Furuhata:Many people forget what to do when its the weekend!
Unazuki Furuhata:So true!But forgetting can be stopped with To do lists!
Mamoru Chiba:Usagi Tsukino often forget about her homework when its the weekend,like you said,Motoki!But recently,after Reika and Unazuki had told her to make To Do lists,she won't forget!
Rei Hino::P!!
Usagi Tsukino::P!!
Rei and Usagi::P!!!!!!!
Reika Nishimura:In order to stop these 2,lets end this.
*Ending song Plays*

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I am Confident bout' My Singing!

If you've been checking Taeko's advice blog,you'll know about how I lost confidence.But after reading her advice,I'm now confidence!
We come so far to give up who we are
So lets raise the bars and our cups to the stars!
I like this verse of Get Lucky.
I'm confident bout' anything!
And if you noticed my blog's name isn't Rebecca's Weird Blog anymore.In fact,I've invented a creature underwater called a rebeka,which kinda means everyone named Rebecca,but with a different spelling,but I'm the leader cuz I'm called Rebecca.
This is CodenameSailorN,Protector of Ninjago,Goddess of Love,Beauty and Destiny,Leader of Rebekas,signing of!

Monday, 5 May 2014

R Discoveries!

Hello my Rebeccians!It means my people,idea from Amberdiamondswords.Anyways,my Rebeccians,here are some discoveries:
 Anime Loves to Name Creatures with 'Mon'
Ever realised this?Doraemon ends with a 'Mon',Pokemon ends with a 'Mon' and Digimon ends with a 'Mon'.Why is this?Well R Discoveries realised that Anime loves to end creatures name with a 'Mon'.
Super Silly Discovery
ARIYA is mad at Sailor Ninjago because Sailor Ninjago's biggest plane was flying to ARIYA and had a tragic crash.Sailor Ninjago's plane ended crashing in the ocean near Supergirl.
ARIYA:China Sailor Ninjago:Malaysia Supergirl:Australia

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

My School Blog????!!!!!!

Beez,I just saw my school blog!!!!!!Well,its Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia.And its powered by Blogger.Oh,and here:S.J.K.(C) Pin Hwa 2 is the name.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Naked And Famous>Punching In A Dream

Fifa 12 song.Fave Fifa 12 song.Way-yay-yay-yay-ya,I would never want to be here,like punching in a dream breathing life into my nightmare.LOLZ.Music video.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Sailor Venus Art

I hot a request from Taeko to post my drawings.So,whatever.Heres my Sailor Venus art:
Man do I hate those hands.And hair.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Manga Help!

You're probs wondering:Why is Rebecca posting so much about anime and manga?Well,THATS an easy question to answer.Thats because I'm getting into manga,because of ONE little Sailor Moon made me CRUSH on manga.I'm going through the Tokyo Mew Mew wiki.I need a little more,anyways.Basically I want rated PG or A manga.Mostly PG,cause' they contain more action,and I love em'.So,manga help with sugar on top?LOL,manga help me!

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Frozen>Songs>Let It Go>Idina Menzel

These days I've been REEEEEALLLLY obsessed with Frozen's song Let It Go by Idina Menzel,the girl that voiced Elsa.If you watch it,ya're gonna love it as HECK(sorry for language).Elsa and Anna is the best!
Update:School Choir day is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Drawing Sailor Moon,Sailor Jupiter And Sailor Venus?

These days I've been REALLY into drawing manga/anime.So now I'm struggling in drawing Sailor Moon,Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus.I DID try to draw Sailor Moon and Venus,but only Venus was a sucess.Any ideas HOW to draw?I DID try wikiHow,but THATS the reason I can't keep up!I don't like sketching "skeletons" because it'll be hard to erase.Anyone?Taeko?Starly?Send me a message in the contact form or leave a comment.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Fun Day With Rachel And Cleo

I have this cousin,Rachel,who is my FAVE relative.She has this younger sister,Cleo.The day before yesterday is SPENT by Rachel,Cleo and me.Heres what we did:
1.Play the iPad
We played MY iPad,then,battery low.So we played HER iPad.
2.Go to the SummerMall.
We went to the Summermall with her parents,my parents,Cleo,my aunt,my uncle.But I went to their car instead.
We ran around in F.O.S.Cleo was chasing us,we ran away from her.
4.Test Our Strength.
Me and Rachel tested our strength by pushing ourselves up,and see how long.
5.Ice Skate.
We ice skated.I didn't bring socks.But Rachel's mom treat me SO good that they bought me a pair from a shop nearby.As I wore them,it was my first time wearing them,so I don't know how to.Like I said,Rachel's mom treat me so good that she helped me with my shoes and knee protecter.When we got to the fake ice I held on the....the,the whatever's(I dunno what its called).While I was standing this guy,the guy that works at the counter told us to put on these stuff on or palm,for safety.He helped me and Rachel with them.And told us to come.I was wondering why.Then,I know:our shoes were in wrong order.For left we wore it right.For right we wore it left.My legs were wobbly because the thingies to make us skate we're really flat so I can't really walk.Rachel taught me how to walk.And blah blah blah.
We ate.I ate some sweet corn.Cleo ate fish balls.I dunno what Rachel ate.Then we stopped at a restaurant.Where we all ate.
I went to Rachel's home after that.And we played the cashier,Furby and Rachel's mom asked me if the clothes she bought was ok.And when my parents and the others came,we painted this Hello Kitty cash box.But Cleo was painting the NEWSPAPER Rachel set up that we won't spill paint on,with water.Well,we didn't finish it.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Beware Cyber Bullies

So I made this blog about cyber bullying.I made it with my WordPress account.The link will be you need help please email my new email for it.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Wish me A Happy Late Chinese New Year!

Wish me a happy late Chinese New Year!Today is day 2 of CNY.So,wish me a happy Chinese New Year,k (D!!!!

Friday, 31 January 2014

My Cute New Shoes

I got cute new shoes!I bought it yesterday!Its pink!Its ballet flats!SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Glitter Glamour 'n' Awards

Its a magazine I came up with.I finished drawing the cover.It has a picture of Rebecca Garmadon,manga-style.I will post it as soon as I finish it an finished taking pictures,because I use an iPad to blog.Its a fashion magazine with awards.It has a fashion line by me.I call it 'Rebe Fashionista".I came up with names.I also might add a few new models so Zoey won't have to model all of them.I made a new model called Lim Jolene,I made her so It can remind me about all the lessons the told me,shes my Maths teacher,but not for now.I dunno if she will be back,I hope she will.ToT!!!!!!

Monday, 27 January 2014

Objective Achieved!

Remember when I told you I wanted to draw anime?I drew manga instead.I drew Zoey Lolita(The surname of Zoey)perfect.To Taeko:Markcrilley's videos helped me a LOT!Back to post.I forgot to mention she was Latin and is a model.I don't know how to draw Latin people so I drew her American Style.Wait,did I metion it on the last post?

Draw Anime Eyes?

One of my objectives is to draw anime,but I don't know how to!I looked up on Google,and went to a link called Manga University.I wanted eyes first,and I went to Google it again.I got to Manga University,again!I tried drawing eyes,but everytime it looks like Zoey is angry(Zoey is the name I have in mond for her),and I don't know how to draw her let down hair!Any ideas?Can anyone show me how to draw anime hair and eyes?SHOW ME A LINK TO THAT PLACE!!And please don't tell me Anime Face Maker,I want a place to LEARN how to draw it,not using ONLINE THINGS to draw it.

Unexpected Drama Series: WHEN I WENT TO SCHOOL TODAY…..

Unexpected Drama Series: WHEN I WENT TO SCHOOL TODAY…..: Ah…it’s great to be back again…I still haven’t finished with my wikia yet, but I’ll continue to let you see how it’s looking so far and upd...

OMG!I just LOVE this blog!I check on it almost EVERY minute!

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Website Awards

您好!我要给你看个东西!Hello,friends.I wanna show you some thing!Here:WAs Website Awards.Its a website awards!I posted a new "Weekly Award" I just thought about at midnight.

Friday, 24 January 2014

I'M SO MAD!!!!

I'm so mad!Today it was the worst.Heres a little list:
*Annoying Chloe
*Annoying Alex
*Annoying homework
*Shaning on my desk,trashing the floor.
The annoying are all the proof(Alex:The person who sits beside me.super noisy yet annoying).But when its art,my class teach told us to make some Chinese New Year Decorations.I didn't know how to tie stuff so I went to the teacher.I am pretty shy,so I didin't build up my nerve,yet.I still haven't and wanted to give up,until Chloe said,"Look!A lot of people hanging on your desk!".It includes Shaning.I fought back to my desk,I shooed everyone away.When schools over,under me and Shaun's desk was a MESS!I picked them up as I thought,''I know EXACTLY who did this:Shaning".You are probably wondering:What are you doing at school on a Sarurday!.Answer:We have a Chinese New Year holiday,so we use Saturdays for subsitute days.Update:I am an author on Taeko Yasuhiro's wiki.

Blogging Platforms Suitable For You(Maybe)

I wanna show you what blogging platforms might be suitable for you.I devided them to categories.
Category A:Rated G Platforms(All Ages)
Simplesite:I made my first blog with this,it wasn't really good.You can have 40 pages and have 30 days trial.If you want to make it for fun,I suggest you use this.
WordPress:This is the WORLD famous platform,its either #1 or #2.I'll suggest you'll use this.
Weebly:This is pretty much not really great.If you are using and iPad,iPod Touch,iPhone and other phones/tablets,I suggest you do NOT use this.If you are using a computer,you can use it.
Microblr:Its a blogging platform you might want to use if you have a FaceBook account.
YolaSite:Use this with a computer,please.
Tribbet:Its a premium WordPress hosting.Pretty much the same as WordPress. like to say its pretty good.I have a feeling its like WordPress.
Category B:Platforms For Teenagers(Or someone older)
Blogger:This site is made by Blogger,I really like using it.It can be called either Blogger or Blogspot.You can use it,you SHOULD use it.
FaceBook:Ok,I don't really know about this one,all it is is a microblogging site.You can use it if you like to follow celebrities or whatever.
Category C:Educated Platforms(Kids)
Edublogs:A hosting,but for education,you should use it.Warning:It lags sometimes.
Weebly For Education:Same as Weebly.
My First World:DO NOT use this,its the WORST platform.
And more.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

天天好天,An Amazing CNY Song

Basically Chinese New Years is in the corner,and this is a song basically out on 2011 or 2012.I found lyrics.




#一天天 一年年

是晴天 是雨天


If you want translation you can go to Quachee's Blog:Great Day Translation.I found while finding you lyrics.Now you can listen to this song.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Rebecca Garmadon

你好!(Hello!).I made my desicion and decided to make my first ever characters that gonna STAR in my new series,Rebecca Garmadon.I am still posting though.You can always visit Rebecca Garmadon's Blog.Heres the look of Rebecca Garmadon:
Cool right guys?I'll be posting Rebecca Garmadon more often now,sorry guys.This is only the regular ninja suit.The Kimino,DX,ZX and Techno suits will be WAY better,I'm still trying to figure how to draw those suits.

The Wish I Always Had

This is a song I just got in mind.I am still working on it.At first I wanted to include my e-friends inside,I will announce the nominees that will be singing the song with me.Here are the nominees:Taeko,Bacon Lover,Lexi,Starly,Young Designer,Chocolate Monstar.The winners are.....................................TAEKO AND STARLY!!!!!!!If you think your voice isn't suitable for the lyrics I arranged for you,tell me which are the lyrics suitable for you.Congrats on winning a chance to perform in my fourth song ever,THE WISH I ALWAYS HAD!!!!!!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


Do your part at Rebecca's Cutie Pie Chat Party!Help plan a chat party!
Held By:Rebecca
Held On:Ninja's Party Room
Planned On:Party Planners
Activities:Chatting,hanging out,bonding.
For more information contact Rebecca at

Thursday, 16 January 2014


I got a new blog!Its about art.I call it NinjaArt.The link is:NinjaArt.Go Ninja Go!Go Art Go!

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Coloured Picture Of Bows-N-A-Frilly-Dress

I renamed it,Bows n A Frilly Dress.And I already collured it.Here it is!
Heheh.Details:A new pink belt with a side ribbon buckle,a green bow on hair,green earrings,purple long velvet gloves with bows and a purple ribbon on shoulder.Like it?

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

First Design EVER!!!!!

So I'm into fashion,not the MacKenzie type though.I'm the Young Designer type.So heres my first design:Bows-n-frilly gown.Not really a gown,but I still call it one.

like it?

Favourite Characters From NinjaGo

I am just OBSESSED with NinjaGo.Heres the list of fave characters:
1.Lloyd M. Garmadon
2. Cole B. Hence
3. Kai
4. Zane Julien
5. Sensei Wu
6. Lord Garamdon/Sensei Garmadon
7. Skales
8. Jay Walker
9. Cyrus Borg
10. Overlord
11. Digital Overlord
12. P.I.X.A.L.
And many more.Anyway,GO NINJA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All Night-Icona Pop

I'm starting to like Icona Pop.This is my favourite,All Night.I was just listening to my radio on my phone,I got to Twitter and Tumblr for a moment,actually I was at my bros school,at an activity for parents,so I was listening to the radio.When I got back it was playing this song.Man!I was awesome!YOU GOTTA LISTEN TO IT! awesome.But I still like Katy Perry WAY more

Friday, 10 January 2014

Why I Think Models From Asia's Next Top Model Is Annoying

I watched Asia's Next Top Model yesterday.Heres why I think the models are annoying:
1.They see some stuff and are like,"Ahhhhhhhhh",as in way too happy,in America's Next Top Model,they have more beautiful stuff and they are not that happy.
2.They are like,scared of EVERY photo-shoot,on the first they are like,I can't do it,I can't do it.
3.They are not fit for a model.Some are too ugly to be a model,some are too fat.I'll rather vote for Nikki Maxwell.
4.They get a Naydia Mail,and,"AHHHHHH",as in way too happy again.Tyra is WAY more famous than Naydia,and the America's Next Top Model's models aren't that happy to get a Tyra Mail,just a,"TYRA MAIL!"to tell them.
So thats why.

Recently Changed Stuff

I had changed the pages.I added a "Rules" page.And I wanted to go and add a "Notice Board" page.So,yeah.

Sunday, 5 January 2014



I AM AN AUTHOR!!!!!!!!!

Well,not a real author,but an author on STORYLOVERSCLUB,well,check it out!STORYLOVERSCLUB.Heheh.I wish Music(one of my e-friends)can come.But never mind.Oh,MyFunzSite too.Starly(Music,I mentioned her),I hope you are reading this.<a href="" style="text-decoration: none"><font color=#ff0000>H</font><font color=#cc8f33>e</font><font color=#99ed66>h</font><font color=#66f899>e</font><font color=#33accc>h</font></a>

Saturday, 4 January 2014

A boring iPad session,a boring day

My parent were out and me and my brother is at home.I was playing my iPad and blogging while my bros playing games.I watched an episode of NinjaGo at 4 or something.Man,such a boring day!

First Blog Ever!

ITS MY FIRST BLOG EVER!!!!!!!!!!Well,real blog.Whatever.Have Fun!