Monday, 26 May 2014

Silence Glaive Surprise

Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo!!!!!Rebecca's back mah Saturners!So I made the movie name official:Silence Glaive Surprise.And I decided I'll call my animating company Crystal Tokyo Animations.And I want to ask if these two logos look good,but I can't,Picasa won't let me............
When I finish my homework I'll start "animating" Silence Glaive Surprise ;)

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Animation Success!

Animating things for ChibiTaru was a success!I should change the name to:Super Sailor Chibi Saturn.Its hard to animate all these stuff with Paint then make a movie with Windows Movie Maker ya know?I bet you just said:"shirimasen",which means I don't know.Hotaru just said hi!
Not to mention its my 40th post!


I like a Sailor Moon Comics/Doujinshi website called MoonSticks,but its taking a break and now I'm MoonStuck!LOL!
Moonie SaturnSay 1:
Saturn:Silence Glaive Surprise!
Me:Its my blog name!
Saturn:Its my attack name too!
Me:Should't you be dead already?
Saturn:I reborned myself!
Me:Yeah.I suicide reborn me Saturn.
Saturn:Why would you do that?
Me:Jodan desu yo!(Just kidding)
Audience:WAKARIMASEN!!(I don't understand!)
Me:SHIRIMASEN!(I don't know!)
Saturn:JODAN DESU YO!!(Just kidding)
Don't like,don't read :)

Animating ChibiTaru Movie 1

I really like Hotaru now!I've drawn 2 pics of Hotaru and 1 pic of Chibiusa on the computer,I'm planning to make a trailer and a movie called ChibiTaru.Or called,"Silence Glaive Best Friends".I'm planning it.Hota and Chibi is hard ya know?
Chibiusa anf Hotaru are easiest in my mind.......

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Symphony News

*Theme Song Plays* 
Reika Nishimura:R Discoveries has recently discovered that To Do/Bucket lists are the worlds most easy way to memorize things that is easy to forget.
Motoki Furuhata:Many people forget what to do when its the weekend!
Unazuki Furuhata:So true!But forgetting can be stopped with To do lists!
Mamoru Chiba:Usagi Tsukino often forget about her homework when its the weekend,like you said,Motoki!But recently,after Reika and Unazuki had told her to make To Do lists,she won't forget!
Rei Hino::P!!
Usagi Tsukino::P!!
Rei and Usagi::P!!!!!!!
Reika Nishimura:In order to stop these 2,lets end this.
*Ending song Plays*

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

I am Confident bout' My Singing!

If you've been checking Taeko's advice blog,you'll know about how I lost confidence.But after reading her advice,I'm now confidence!
We come so far to give up who we are
So lets raise the bars and our cups to the stars!
I like this verse of Get Lucky.
I'm confident bout' anything!
And if you noticed my blog's name isn't Rebecca's Weird Blog anymore.In fact,I've invented a creature underwater called a rebeka,which kinda means everyone named Rebecca,but with a different spelling,but I'm the leader cuz I'm called Rebecca.
This is CodenameSailorN,Protector of Ninjago,Goddess of Love,Beauty and Destiny,Leader of Rebekas,signing of!

Monday, 5 May 2014

R Discoveries!

Hello my Rebeccians!It means my people,idea from Amberdiamondswords.Anyways,my Rebeccians,here are some discoveries:
 Anime Loves to Name Creatures with 'Mon'
Ever realised this?Doraemon ends with a 'Mon',Pokemon ends with a 'Mon' and Digimon ends with a 'Mon'.Why is this?Well R Discoveries realised that Anime loves to end creatures name with a 'Mon'.
Super Silly Discovery
ARIYA is mad at Sailor Ninjago because Sailor Ninjago's biggest plane was flying to ARIYA and had a tragic crash.Sailor Ninjago's plane ended crashing in the ocean near Supergirl.
ARIYA:China Sailor Ninjago:Malaysia Supergirl:Australia