Monday, 5 May 2014

R Discoveries!

Hello my Rebeccians!It means my people,idea from Amberdiamondswords.Anyways,my Rebeccians,here are some discoveries:
 Anime Loves to Name Creatures with 'Mon'
Ever realised this?Doraemon ends with a 'Mon',Pokemon ends with a 'Mon' and Digimon ends with a 'Mon'.Why is this?Well R Discoveries realised that Anime loves to end creatures name with a 'Mon'.
Super Silly Discovery
ARIYA is mad at Sailor Ninjago because Sailor Ninjago's biggest plane was flying to ARIYA and had a tragic crash.Sailor Ninjago's plane ended crashing in the ocean near Supergirl.
ARIYA:China Sailor Ninjago:Malaysia Supergirl:Australia

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